Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the College

A - College Vision:

Excellence and educational leadership in the preparation of a teacher who contributes to the formation of generations capable of building a community with a distinguished position at the local and regional levels to reach the world.

B - College Mission:

To follow the scientific and institutional approach in the preparation of educational cadres academically, professionally and culturally qualified contribute to the building of an integrated society capable of competing regionally and globally through the sustainable development of the college programs, and active partnership with different institutions in accordance with international standards and in response to diversity in the requirements of society and the problems of the educational field as well as providing solutions In the light of educational reform initiatives.

C. Objectives of the College:

The College aims to achieve the following

1- Preparation of the secondary school campaign, and its level, and university graduates and those in the level of the profession of education.

2-Conducting various research and studies in the fields of education and dissemination of results, to serve research students and those interested in education and workers in the field of education.

3-Raise the professional and scientific level of the workers in the field of education by holding training courses for teachers and teachers working in the field and introduce them to the modern contemporary educational trends.

4- Preparing specialists and leaders in the fields of educational and educational work who can contribute to the development of the educational process in the local environment.

5- Exchange of educational experiences locally and internationally through conferences and seminars as well as training courses.

6-Contribute to the development of solutions to environmental problems in partnership with other institutions for the advancement of the community.

7-Dissemination of modern educational trends and their applications in field work to contribute to the development of educational thought.

8-Educating the student about the problems of the society and the role of education in contributing to solving them through work, in order to achieve his personality and develop his abilities and employ them to solve the problems of the environment.